The last few weeks, I’ve been quiet. I haven’t shared any of my writing.
The month of January invited me to silence in order to sort out what needed to be sorted out, to let go of what needed to be let go, to bring order so that I could make room for the new. The watchwords were introspection, reflection and change.

I re-read my writings from two years ago and wanted to share a poem I wrote in early 2018. It made me realize that life is cyclical, that at each new stage, we go through the same phases: awareness, deconstruction, doubts, decision making, first acts, reconstruction and then the cycle starts all over again. Each time we get a little closer to ourselves.

And you, how was the first month of the year for you?

With joy,


Something broke

in the body
in the mind
in the blood
in the veins
in the senses
in the genes

Something left

from behaviors
from patterns
from beliefs
from habits

Something changed

old to new
pressure to surrender
mind to soul
heart to bones

Something came


Someone arrived


Copyright: Marilène Oberlin
Text cannot be reproduced without authorisation