Listen and Take a Step Back

This week, a client explained how she felt helpless, not getting out of some of her behavioural patterns. One person just needs to say something, touch a weak point, and she would burst out, regretting it immediately afterwards.

I explained to her how by cultivating our inner peace, through meditation or other self-development techniques, we get out of this reaction mode and start to act.

The power of listening is key. Listening doesn’t only mean listening to other people but also to oneself, to our body and feelings. It might be hard to do so at the beginning, but when we feel triggered, the best we can do is to go into silence. We will listen to what is going on inside of us.

This way, we will understand where the pain point is, without getting into conflict with the people around. Eventually, we will start to act out from our core-self instead to react out of our not-self.

One of the simplest means to go into yourself is by focusing on your breath. You instantly come back to the present moment and what is triggering you will lose its power.

By speaking less and listening more, you will understand better your environment and the people around you. Your actions will be more healthy.

I’m here to help to practice the present moment through meditation and to reconnect to your inner wisdom. If you wish to explore this subject, please feel free to send me an e-mail.
I’m looking forward to exchanging with you.

With Love 🧡

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