Personal Coaching

You want to move forward
You want to assert yourself
You want to realize a dream that has been in your head for so long

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What is my intention for you?

  • To help you build trust in yourself and in life
  • Allow you to feel at home and at peace
  • Make you discover or rediscover your creativity
  • Allow you to see your values ​​and qualities on which to build

I help you start a new story where you are the actor, producer and the director.

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Happiness is a habit – cultivate it – Elbert Hubbard

Realize yourself by being accompanied by a coach! Why?

Regularly, we all need support to move forward. Asking for help is a sign of will and courage, not of vulnerability. It is often the first step to realize one’s projects. By asking for help, you make the choice to put yourself in the foreground and start work on yourself to feel better. You dare to invest in yourself!

A coach is a facilitator of change who accompanies you to bring the best out of you. It provides you with methods to help you achieve your goals. You remain the master of your evolution, the coach won’t provide you with a ready-to-take solution. Through tools,  questions, brainstorming that the coach will encourage you to move forward. Every human being is unique and a coach will help you to bring out the potential that lies within you. You will leave your comfort zone and it will scare you at first. Be aware of it, it’s perfectly normal. During hard times, the coach will be there to motivate you and remind you why you started this process.

A coach is not …

… a therapist. He is not a health professional helping patients to heal from traumas or difficulties (deep suffering, childhood traumas, mental disorders, anxieties, serious personal and family problems).
The coach works with the client to build up strengths out of his current situation and to take actions towards the future. If the coach is in the presence of a client who needs more specific help, he will refer him to a health professional.

What we all want is more joy and happiness in our life. And this depends on a subtle and fragile mixture of different elements that must be maintained day after day:

  • Know your positive sides and negative sides
  • To free oneself from what no longer serves
  • Realize your dreams and projects
  • To feel useful
  • Being present in the here and now
  • Cultivate gratitude

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