Sparks of light – Free online weekly guided meditations to heal the planet

What to do when everything around us seems incomprehensible?
How can we bring sparks of light back into our daily lives?
How do we support each other in these uncertain times?

In recent months I have often felt powerless and helpless. I asked myself what I could do to support others and I realised that, in order to help those around me, I had to feel peace within myself. I centred myself, I looked after myself and I cultivated the feeling of trust in life within me.

As time went by, and I still didn’t know how to help people, I realised that others were also longing for this feeling of peace and trust, and that words and meditations soothed them. I am now convinced that this is what our world needs right now: that the energy of peace and trust is spreading. Let the light be seen and felt again and anchor it deep within us.

This is the space I will open here, a space of peace and trust through which we spread waves of light and healing to the world.

In French                  In English

31 août                       1 September
7 September          8 September
14 September      15 September
28 September     29 September

From October, in French every Tuesday, in English every Wednesday.

Guided meditations last from 8pm to 8:30pm.

This cycle is open to all, beginners or experienced meditators.

To receive the zoom link:
Marilène Oberlin
+352 621 826 680