Women Circle in Bereldange (French)

“How could your life be any different if there was a place for you? A place where you can go… A place for women, to help you learn about women’s traditions… A place where you have been nurtured by an ancient flow that sustains and stabilizes you as you seek to become yourself. A place for women to help you find and trust the ancient knowledge that already existed within you… Waiting to be set free… A place for women only. How could your life be different? “- Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

This circle is meant as a break in our hectic lives, to settle down and reconnect with oneself and other women.

Each one, according to her feelings, will be able to share in the talking circle her questions, and her doubts, as well as her joys and laughter in a spirit of kindness, trust and confidentiality. It is a welcoming space where active listening without judgement allows participants to express themselves freely.

Each woman’s story will echo with the others and will allow them to look at their own experience in a different way and to cultivate kindness and respect towards themselves and others.

The number of places is limited to 12 in order to encourage exchanges and build trust. (minimum 4 participants)

Participation: 15€/evening
For any cancellation less than 24 hours before the event, the contribution of 15€ will be due.

Marilène Oberlin
LU61 0099 7800 0084 8911

Registration via: marilene@omjoie.lu

124, rue de Bridel
7217 Bereldange, Luxembourg