Align yourself

Every morning I meditate. We hear a lot about this word lately, but what is it really about?

It is certainly not about sitting for hours in a suit and thinking about nothing.On the contrary, it is an act of concentration. We focus on the present moment, letting go of our thoughts.
On the contrary, it is an act of concentration.

We refocus on oneself, one concentrates on one’s body, one’s breathing. Thoughts will keep coming and going, there is nothing we can do about it, that’s a human being and having the ability to think, analyze and think has given us a chatty mind.

Instead of trying not to think, we will concentrate on not holding on to our thoughts. It is a tool that increases our capacity for resilience, stress management and emotional management. Because we focus on what is there in the now.

Done during the morning, the benefits are the greatest because we start the day serenely. So instead of being in bed and thinking: “NOOOOO, again one day at home and it’s so beautiful outside, pppppffffffffff”, we can start our day by focusing on ourselves for a moment.

Sitting on a chair you can close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. As you breathe in, follow the breath coming in through your nose into your belly, feel how the belly inflates and as you breathe out, follow how the air leaves your belly and goes up to your nose. Stay focused on breathing and if a thought comes up, don’t get attached to it, let it pass. When you realize that you are still holding on to your thought, bring your attention back to your breathing.

Lying down in your bed you can also pay attention to each part of your body, starting at the feet up to your head and then go through each part of your body. How does it feel? tense, painful, relaxed, light? And likewise, if you realize that you are still clinging to a thought, bring your attention back to your breath.

If you are easily distracted, you can try square breathing, at the inspiration count to 4, hold the breath and count to 4, exhale counting to 4 and hold counting to 4. Then start again.

You can apply this at any time of the day.
10 to 15 minutes to start.

There are other forms of meditation to go further that I will detail soon.

Wishing you a good practice,
Stay healthy and safe,
With Joy