All the answers are within you

⚜️ In 2010, I discovered Yoga, meditation, and Buddhism. My journey in personal development began. I read and learned a lot through workshops, training, retreats of all kinds, etc. No matter how much I was putting into practice what I learned, it didn’t stop me from feeling a lack of joy when I started a new day. So I continued to look for an explanation for my malaise.
⚜️ During a period of great instability in my personal and professional life, I spontaneously began to write down my emotions and experiences on paper. As I went along, I managed to put words to what I was going through and unveil my unconscious patterns and belief systems.
⚜️ For years, I had been looking for THE miracle solution, for someone to tell me what was wrong.
⚜️ I discovered that everything I needed to understand was inside of me. As I was digging, I touched my creativity. By unraveling my experience yarn by yarn, joy and inner peace entered my life, accompanied by a new understanding: We are the creators of our life with an enormous potential that only needs to be revealed!
⚜️ Since then, I continue to discover what is inside of me and to live my creativity, connecting more and more to life, and cultivating trust.
🎚️There needed to be a click. My well-being wasn’t something someone would give me. I created it on my own.
🙋‍♀️ That’s my WHY: Why I became a meditation coach and Thetahealer. To, in return, serve others to feel the connection with life and find their way. I am here for you.
✨ I wish you an insightful holiday season. Take advantage of the time which is given to us, to find out what is within you. Everything is there to be discovered!
With Joy 🧡
Confidence and Meditation Coach