An invitation to be

All this strange situation started 1 year ago.

1 year.

The last days I wondered, what have I learned from this.

✨ Quiet my worries: no need to worry and question endlessly. During one year, the plans changed nearly weekly. I could have used all the energy which went on worrying about my situation and making assumptions on the future in time for myself. Furthermore, when I let go of the worries, I create space for new helpful ideas.

✨ There is always light: even in the darkest times, there are still opportunities, positive events happening, solidarity, a call from the right person at the right moment, which bring you forth and which show you that life has your back.

✨ Enjoy the present moment: it is the only moment that really exists. Past and future are gone or are not there yet. You build your memories in the now.

What if the past year was an invitation to just be in the moment?
An invitation to relearn the openness towards the life we had as children?

Take care,
With love 🧡