Circles & Workshops

Here, you will find all the information about the workshops I organise.

Starting in 2018, I have led women’s circles and meditation circles in Luxembourg until 2021. In my nature, I am a “hermit” (Profile 6/2 in Human Design), but these circles helped me to recognise the strength and energy of groups. Groupwork creates a space that allows us to go deeper and reconnect with ourselves. Therefore, I love facilitating training and workshops because our work brings substantial transformation. At the same time, I honour my mutative storyteller design (channels 11-56 and 3-60, for the human Design freaks 😉 ).

Here you can find the workshops and training I organise and my resources page, where you’ll find my blog, youtube channel and other useful links:

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Interested? Contact me to exchange on how we can work together:, +352 621 826 680