January’s 2023 Inspirations – n°1 : Priorities

In my coaching sessions in 2022, the common thread among most of my adult clients was that :

They all wished they had been more recognised, loved and hugged as children.

In 2023, it may be time to rethink our priorities in our relationships and as human beings.


I know how to set my priorities and what is important and unimportant.

I know how always to make a place for love.

I know how to receive and give love in every moment.

December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°24 – Your Energy

Your energy is THE essential thing in your life.

Without energy, you cannot live.
Without energy, you cannot carry out your daily activities.
Without energy, you don’t know how to support those around you.

We scatter our energy left and right, saying: “Come on, just a little more effort, I can still do this.

When your batteries are empty, it’s over.
When you are on the verge of exhaustion, think of the image of the oxygen mask on the plane:
You put it on before you help others.

Today, I invite you to take care of your energy to ensure that your batteries are always full.

I wish you an energetic holiday season in which you conserve your energy.


I know how my energy feels and how it manifests.

I know the difference between having energy and lacking energy.

I allow myself to rest when I lack energy.


December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°23 – Love

Love cannot be a choice.


Love holds everything together.

Love created all of this in the first place.

Love is simple.

It can be buried or hidden but not extinguished.

Allow yourself to feel love all around you today


I know how to connect to unconditional love.

I allow myself to feel unconditional love.

December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°22 – Everything is already there

Time and space do not exist.
Everything happens in an eternal moment, which we call the present moment.
And each moment is an infinite space of possibilities.

So the version of you that is healthy is a possibility that already exists.
The version of you that is successful is already there.
The version of you that is abundant in every area of your life is already there.

Your perception and mind separate you from these versions of yourself and create the separation.

Today I invite you to imagine already being/having what you desire and feel what feelings create in your body. Repeat this daily. You will see that soon there will be no more separation.


I am healthy now.

I am successful now.

I live in abundance now.

December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°21 – Waives

Everything changes at every moment,
everything is impermanent.

If you feel you are in a low phase, you can be sure that you will come up again.

Because that’s life, one wave after another, we learn to ride and master them.
Each turn is as unexpected as it is unpredictable.

Today I invite you to remember the moments when you came out of the low.



I know that everything is possible.

I understand impermanence.

I remain confident.


December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°20 – Listen

When a person confides in us, our mind immediately switches to “How can I help the person?” We only hear half of what we are told.

Above all, the art of listening is to perceive the person in front of us, switch off the voice in our head, and leave our own paradigm behind.

Simply listening without intervening facilitates the other person. You will also notice the intonation of the voice, the words chosen and the emotions behind each word.
All this leads to a better understanding of the other.

Today I invite you to listen while letting your mind’s paradigm and voice rest.


I master the art of listening.

I welcome the others without judging.

December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°19 – Water

Masaru Emoto researched and analysed water crystals and found that they looked different depending on the words they came into contact with.
When the water came into contact with positive words like “love”, the water crystals were perfectly structured. When they came into contact with words like “disgust”, the crystals deformed.
This experiment showed that words and their vibrations influence water and that water has a memory.

We are made up of 70% water. Our words and thoughts have an impact on the water inside us.

Today I invite you to pay attention to the vibration of the words you use in your everyday life.


I choose my words wisely.

I use positive words.