OM JOIE gets away from the digital world until May 9th, 2022

Have you heard of the so-called digital detox?

I’ve been doing it regularly for two years now. Because I’ve noticed that my attention, concentration and vision have diminished since digital screens have surrounded me. Scrolling with my finger has become a habit that goes almost unnoticed and I can catch myself spending 15 minutes looking at my smartphone without really looking at anything, the images just scroll by.

If this happens to you, just be aware of it. Our brains are made to be attracted to stimuli, we just need to realise this and put the screen aside and train the brain to focus on something else.

That’s what I’m going to do for the next two weeks.
I’m conducting training and retreats and taking the opportunity to get away from the digital world until 9 May 2022. I will answer your messages on May 10th.

You can find the schedule of my upcoming ThetaHealing training in French here: There are still places available for all training, you can register now.

For the ThetaHealing or Human Design coaching sessions, I will get back to you on May 10th to make an appointment.

With joy and gratitude,


As-tu entendu parler de la détox numérique?

Depuis deux ans je la fait régulièrement. Car j’ai remarqué que mon attention, concentration et vision se sont amoindries depuis que les écrans numériques m’entourent. Scroller avec le doigt est devenu une habitude qui passe quasi inaperçue et je peux m’attraper à passer 15 minutes à regarder mon smartphone sans rien vraiment regarder en fait, les images défilent.
Si cela t’arrive, prends en juste conscience. Notre cerveau est fait pour être attiré par des stimuli, il faut juste s’en rendre compte et mettre son écran de côté et entrainer le cerveau à se focaliser sur autre chose.
C’est ce que je vais faire les deux prochaines semaines.
J’anime des formations et retraites et j’en profite pour m’éloigner du monde numérique jusqu’au 9 mai 2022. Je répondrai à tes messages à partir du 10 mai.

Tu trouveras le calendrier de mes prochaines formations ThetaHealing ici: Il y a encore des places à toutes les formations, tu peux dès à présent t’inscrire.

Pour les sessions de coaching ThetaHealing ou Human Design, je te reviendrai à partir du 10 mai pour fixer un rendez-vous.

Avec joie et gratitude ,

Hast du schon von der digitalen Entgiftung gehört?

Seit zwei Jahren mache ich es regelmäßig. Ich habe festgestellt, dass meine Aufmerksamkeit, Konzentration und Sehkraft nachgelassen haben, seit ich von digitalen Bildschirmen umgeben bin. Das Scrollen mit dem Finger ist zu einer fast unbemerkten Gewohnheit geworden und ich kann mich dabei erwischen, wie ich 15 Minuten lang auf mein Smartphone starre, ohne wirklich etwas zu sehen, sondern nur die Bilder vorbeiziehen lasse.

Wenn dir das passiert, mach es dir einfach bewusst. Unser Gehirn ist dafür gemacht, von Reizen angezogen zu werden, wir müssen uns nur dessen bewusst werden und den Bildschirm beiseite legen und dein Gehirn trainieren, sich auf etwas anderes zu fokussieren.

Genau das werde ich in den nächsten zwei Wochen tun.
Ich leite Trainings und Retreats, und nutze die Zeit, um mich bis zum 9. Mai 2022 aus der digitalen Welt zurückzuziehen. Ich werde ab dem 10. Mai wieder auf deine Nachrichten antworten.

Den Zeitplan für meine nächsten ThetaHealing-Trainings auf Französisch findest du hier: Es gibt noch freie Plätze in allen Kursen, du kannst dich jetzt anmelden.

Für ThetaHealing- oder Human Design-Coaching-Sitzungen melde ich mich ab dem 10. Mai zurück, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren.

Mit Freude und Dankbarkeit ,


NEW! – ThetaHealing Rainbow Children seminar for children in luxemburgish in July 2022

Hues du Zauberkräeften?

Ech deelen ee Geheimnis mat dir.
Mir hunn all Zauberkräeften, awer vill Leit hunn et vergiess, dofir schwätzt kee méi dovunner.

An den fënnef Deeg, déi mir zesummen verbréngen wäerten, wäerte mir iwwert dëst schwätzen an vill Abenteueren zesummen erliewen.

Du wäerts gesinn:

  • wéi’s du dech mam Schöpfer an zu der Léift an dem Liicht wat ronderëm dir verbannen kanns;
  • wéi’s du meditéieren kanns;
  • wéi’s du op wonnerbarer Aart a Weis mat Déieren an Engelen kommunizéieren kanns;
  • wéi’s du dech mat Planzen verbannen kanns;
  • wéi’s du positive Gefiller entwéckelen kanns;
  • wéi’s du mat Kristallen heelen an reesen kanns;
  • Telekinesie an Telepathie;
  • d’Kraaft vun der Musek;
  • eng Heelung fir Kierper an Séil;
    an nach vill vill méi!

Praktesch Informatiounen

18. bis 22. Juli 2022, vun 10:00 bis +/-16:00 Auer zu Bäreldeng.
Fir 6 Kanner tëscht 7 an 11 Joer.


1 Kand: 485€ TTC
2 Kanner oder méi vun enger Famill: -10%
Am Präis ass dat ganzt Material wat d’Kanner kréien mat abegraff.

Wat solls du matbréngen?

– Eng Liblingssaach déi’s du oft bei dir hues oder benotzt.
– Ee Meditatiouns-Këssen an eng Décken.
– Eng Waasserfläsch
– Däin Mëttegiessen
– Ee déckt Puer Strëmp oder Schlappen
– Ee Notizbuch an däin Liblingsstëft
an natierlech vill Freed an Virwëlls!

Ech freeën mech schonn op dech!

Marilène Oberlin
+352 621 826 680

New dates of ThetaHealing Seminars in French – 1st Quarter 2022

ThetaHealing® – Create your own reality

From January 2022, I am offering the Thetahealing training online to make it easier for everyone to participate.

Often people are sceptical to participate in online energy training. My experience is that there is no difference between online and face-to-face. Many people are surprised that they feel the same way online as they do in person.

To become a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, your journey starts with the 3-day “DNA Basic 1+2” training, followed by the 3-day “DNA Advanced” training and then the 2-day “Dig Deeper” training.

For instructors, “you and the creator” training has become mandatory. I recommend it to the practitioner. It is this training that allowed me a real breakthrough in my personal development with the ThetaHealing® technique.

For the online training, all you need is a computer or other device, zoom and a place where you can be alone and quiet.

If you need more information, please contact me.
Below you will find the dates of the next online courses in french.

See you soon,


Sparks of light – Free weekly meditation initiative to send light to the world

What would light be without the beings that perceive it? – Philippe Montillier

Even in these times, we have the choice to focus our attention and energy on what drives us.

We have the right to create the reality that inspires us!

We discover what animates us when we turn off the outside noise and enter into the silence.

Silence is not empty, it is filled with information and connection. Souls seeking the light find themselves there.

To begin the change, let us stop, come back to ourselves and come back to our light.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday I invite you to enter this silence, to connect to the light to recognize it and make it real.

Everything we focus on will materialize into reality. It starts with concentration.

This is what I offer to you :
Tuesdays from 8 to 8:30 pm in French
Wednesdays from 8 to 8:30 pm in English

Free online meditations to focus on our light, to connect, to link and to make this light grow.

Join me, starting  August 31st at 8:00 pm in French and September 1st in English.

To receive the zoom link, send me a private message  (+352 621 826 680, sms ou Telegram) or mail:

Let us perceive the light now ✨
With joy,
Marilène Oberlin

I am recharging my batteries until 26 August (summer closure)

Hello 👋
After 18 intense and challenging months, I’m taking a break to recharge my batteries, away from the digital world. I’ll be responding to your messages starting August 26. ☺️
I wish you a beautiful month of August,

Hallo 👋
Nach 18 intensiven und herausfordernden Monaten nehme ich mir eine Auszeit, um meine Batterien aufzuladen und der digitalen Welt zu entfliehen. Ich werde ab dem 26. August auf deine Nachrichten antworten. ☺️
Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Monat August,

What goes around, comes around

❓Do you feel the question mark ❓

Every morning I do my body exercises, sit down in silence and meditate on my purpose and vision. Since last week though, every time I sat down, there was a question mark.

🌊 Last week we experienced heavy rain and floods in my country. Near my home, people have been hit very hard, losing everything. Thank creator, I looked at the right moment out of the window and saw the water coming. I could rescue my stuff in time.

The day after the floods, I sat down in silence to do my morning practice, and the big question mark appeared :

❓Where am I heading to?
❓ What do I want to create in my life?

There was nothing left anymore.
My visions became void and meaningless.
I even started to question all my achievements and looking for the purpose behind all my actions.

I was a bit shocked. I usually go back to my BIG WHY to get strength and confidence when I’m starting to doubt myself and don’t go as expected.
This BIG WHY was suddenly gone.
Like if the water had flushed away my plans and visions.

It isn’t that I hadn’t noticed the big question mark.
Many people I accompany come with their question marks, which have intensified over the last few weeks.
The time quality we are living is also bringing its set of question marks. We can see them everywhere in all layers of our society.

❓ Where are we heading as a collective, as a society ❓

Slowly slowly, these question marks go down to the individual (or maybe is it the other way around❓)
❓ Where am I heading to as an individual ❓
❓ Where is my soul purpose leading to❓

I sat with this, lost, not knowing how to move on. As usual, I continued to lead my daily life, but without that wind pushing me forward, knowing where I was heading to.

One morning, I sat there in front of a blank page in my notebook and suddenly, the understanding came: Every day is a blank page to be filled in!

I have the feeling that another layer of attachment has left me. I knew this expression, but was I embodying it? I was always heading towards something; now, there is nowhere to run to.

Every day is a new opportunity to start from scratch.

❓ Then came the second understanding and question. If everything can be started from scratch, over and over again, every single day, what do I want to attract in my life❓
Is it money, material wealth, recognition, appraisal….❓❓

I realised that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is how I feel.

❓ Do I feel at peace❓
❓ Have I done things that satisfied me ❓

❓ When I am looking back on the things I have accomplished, am I feeling proud of what I did❓

Therein lies the meaning of life. It doesn’t matter what you created in the form but what you have created in terms of emotions.
You may have reached all your goals, but if you don’t feel proud, at peace, all these successes will feel void.

How are you feeling at the end of every single day? Your emotional state restarts day after day.

We are living in a universe of resonance; what goes around comes around. What I send out in terms of emotions will come back to me.

☀️ Every day is a new chance to start from scratch. Now, every morning, I choose to visualise not a specific goal in the form but an emotion that I want to feel at the end of the day and the end of my life:
Being at peace with myself and proud of what I did.
The universe will bring me all the ingredients on the material plane to reach this goal.

With love 💕


My last weeks were filled with one main question: “What can I do to support?”

This question is not new to me; throughout my life, I have asked myself this question several times, leading me, for example, to leave the world of finance, to engage in development aid 14 years ago, or in 2019, to launch my meditation and life coaching business.

This time, it has a completely different dimension. If before, the question was only about me and the meaning of my life; it now includes the people around me.

Great questions are in the air, at the individual, societal and planetary levels. Even if we are not aware of it, it impacts us on an energetic level. Hence my question: “Where is my responsibility as an individual, as a citizen, as a Healer?

My first responsibility as an individual lies in the fact that I have to make sure that I am well because from this comes my energy and the fact that I can accompany the people around me as well as possible. This responsibility goes hand in hand with the awareness that I am responsible for my own well-being, both physical and mental. My well-being is in my hands.

I take care of my diet, whether it is nutritional or emotional. In my Human Design training, we learnt that we are responsible for the emotions we propagate in the collective field. Because everything is energy, and what I send out is returned to me. If I want to live in a joyful and supportive environment, it is up to me to focus on these feelings.

I am responsible for my emotions. Of course, I have days with low energy. However, I have a choice; either I mope for 1 hour or 5 days, or I roll up my sleeves, ask for help if I need it and move on. Because that is the message of this time, to move forward, to embrace our responsibilities. We are all sovereign. Every step we take in our lives is a result of our choices.

This goes hand in hand with our responsibility as citizens and as a society. The more we know that we have a choice, the more we will take responsibility and make decisions from our hearts and not against our will. This will have an impact on the energy level around us.

That is why I take responsibility for my well-being, health, and emotions to help in the best way possible.

The question of how is still open. For the moment, the best thing I can do is to open up spaces of peace and sharing. This is why I am launching the initiative “Sparks of Light”. Live 30-minute online meditations to send waves of healing and light to us and the planet.

I wish you a beautiful, gentle and restful summer and above all, take care of yourself.
With love 🧡

Launch of Sparks of light

Do you feel helpless in the face of what is happening right now?
Are you cogitating and finding it hard to get back to your centre?
Are you full of energy and would you like to share it with the world?

Join me in my initiative: Sparks of Light

Free 30-minute online meditations to bring us together to send healing waves to the planet.

What do you need?
Only an internet connection and your heart beaming with unconditional love!

In French                       In English
20 juillet                        14 July
27 juillet                       28 July
17 août                          11 August
31 août                           1 September
7 Septembre              8 September
14 Septembre         15 September
28 Septembre         29 September

From October, in French every Tuesday, in English every Wednesday.

Guided meditations last from 8pm to 8:30pm.

This cycle is open to all, beginners or experienced meditators.

To receive the zoom link, write me a message at, +352621826680



We are so hard on ourselves.
We are full of
😞 Self-judgment
😞 Regrets
😞 Resentment on ourselves

The truth is, we are full of
😃 Abilities
😃 Skills
😃 Strength

Layers and layers of self-talk hide them away. But they are there, buried, and the funny fact is that you are using them every day in your life. Your strength, qualities, and values make you who you are.

People around you appreciate you for those.
You are valued for all the qualities you bring with you.

Difficult to recognise your qualities and skills?
Need a confidence boost?

Try this out:
👉 Take a piece of paper and draw two columns.
👉 In the first column write down, everything you have achieved in your life, it might be professional or personal projects, your family, your education, anything which comes into your mind
👉 In the second column, write down all the qualities and skills you brought in to achieve these projects
👉 Keep this list always with you when you feel down

Difficult to come up with something? Add this :
👉 Put your hand on your heart
👉 Deeply breath in and out, a few times
👉 Connect to your Heart and Soul
👉 Give the command: “Show me which skills helped me to achieve my goals.”

Still finding it hard to come up with something?
👉 Ask your friends, partner, colleagues, or family for what they value you.
You will see that you will receive the most loving answer there is and qualities you never thought of!

Let me tell you
🍀 You are an amazing person
🍀 You have gifts to share
🍀 You have an impact

🧡 You are allowed to recognise yourself and love yourself. You have your place in this world.

With love 💕