Our practice will be moving and must discontinue some of its services.

As of January 15, 2024, the services offered by ThetaHealing, Crystal Journeys, and OM Joie Kids will be suspended indefinitely.

We will continue to offer online Human Design coaching, online via Zoom.

Thank you for being so understanding.

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Healing stones and crystals are powerful companions in our everyday life. They enable us to expand our field of perception and travel through time and space by creating an energy field with their help.

The additional energy of the crystals enables you to undertake energy journeys. This allows you to receive information that can be useful in managing your everyday life.

I offer 2 types of crystal journeys:

Journey to the virtues of your ancestors and healing animals.

In this journey, you will learn about the wonderful virtues that are already in your genetics.

In this crystal journey, we will travel to an animal and an ancestor who have already mastered the virtues you want to master in this lifetime.

You will learn what your ancestors have already achieved and what powers and strengths are already within you, waiting to be activated.

The first journey to the ancestors and healing animals is unforgettable!

This crystal journey is only possible in person and occurs in my practice in Luxembourg. You will lie down, and the crystals will be placed around you. I will accompany you during the session. I am also often in Austria, near Linz, and can offer you a session there as well.

This session costs 88 € and lasts about 1 hour.
Small tip: This session is a great gift voucher for stone freaks!

For more information and reservations: marilene.oberlin@gmail.com

Crystal Journey: With love from the Past, by Carolin Ehlers from ThetaSpirit

This crystal reading enables you to discover the causes you have set in other lives that can explain what is happening in your life today.

In 3 acts, the healing stones will open energy portals that we will use to travel through the library and books of our past lives. These journeys will help to bring you more clarity and objectivity in the situations you are experiencing today.

This session can be done online or in-person. However, for the online sessions, you may get stones in advance to use during the session. I will guide you through the sessions each time.

This session costs 143 € online and 152 € in person and lasts about 90 minutes.

For more information and reservations: marilene.oberlin@gmail.com

Crystal readings that are forgotten or not cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged €88.


The products offered are not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. In case of health or psychological complaints or illnesses, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, i.e. the help of a doctor or psychotherapist, should be sought first. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any complaints during the treatment or as a result of it. No promise of a cure is made.