The introductory course on Human Design
“Living your Design”

I am happy to share this knowledge and give the Human Design training “Living your design”.

If you already know your human design, this course will give you information about the different aspects of your design, but also about people who have a different type, strategy or authority than you, in short, who are different from you.

If you don’t know your design yet, this is your chance to discover yourself and dive into the fascinating world of Human Design.

  • Are you ready to stop the cycle of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment that colours your life?
  • Are you ready to make decisions with your true nature?
  • Are you ready to stop the conflicting relationships with the people around you?
  • Are you ready to know yourself, or rather to know yourself again?

Get ready to learn why you repeatedly experience certain situations and how to unlock your true nature!

The course of the training

We will meet 9 evenings live on zoom from 19:30 to 21:30. You will have a bonus 10th evening of questions and answers.

You will have access to the videos of the zoom sessions and the presentation slides.

Participation in each live event is required.
If you are not present on one of the dates, you will have access to the recording. I will then ask you to send me feedback after watching the session to find out what you thought was important.

Price: 350€.
includes: slides and zoom recording

– know your design (you can generate it here for free: )
– buy the book (it exists in different languages)

If you don’t know your design yet and want to learn more before the training starts, I offer a discovery pack for the training: Training + discovery reading of your design for 397€ .

In this programme, you will discover how to live your design:

  • What Human Design is and why experiment with it.
  • The 9 centres, how they work and the signs of alignment or not.
  • The types of auras, the strategies and the interaction between types.
  • How authority is activated and can be followed in decision making
  • The essential principles you will need to know to experience your Human Design successfully.

Your strategy and authority in decision-making are covered in depth.  Completing this program qualifies you to take the next introductory human design courses if you wish to become a professional.

Living Your Design Course Outline

Course 1: Introduction, History and Foundations of Human Design, Neutrino Biverse and Non-self.
Course 2: Introduction to the nine centres, head centre and root centre
Course 3: Splenic Centre and Ajna Centre
Course 4: Solar Plexus Centre
Lesson 5: Heart Centre and Sacral Centre
Lesson 6: G-Centre and Throat Centre
Lesson 7: The definition and the authorities
Lesson 8: The authorities and introduction to the generative and manifesting types
Lesson 9: Projectors and reflectors, class examples and review.
Course 10 – bonus: question and answer evening

Upcoming Dates for the Living Your Design Training

You will find the next dates in the Agenda section.


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