Coaching at the Workplace

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Meditation circles at the Workplace

1h15 meditation circle during lunch breaks in an 8 week cycle at your workplace.

My intention for your employees:

  • Allow them to return to calm
  • To refocus
  • Open them to other perspectives
  • Calm their minds and become more concentrated.
  • Know how to recognize their emotions
  • Give them tools that they can use by themselves

The program consists of the following elements:

  • Week 1: Connecting to his breath
  • Week 2: Connecting to his body
  • Week 3: Attention
  • Week 4: Emotions
  • Week 5: The mantras
  • Week 6: Visualization
  • Week 7: The sound journey
  • Week 8: Expansion

Needs: a quiet room, where it is possible to sit on the ground on meditation cushions.

Minimum 5 people and maximum 10 participants per group

Program “Developing Resilience in your Professional life”

The concept of resilience is coming from physics and has been taken up by the business world. It is the ability of an element to maintain or recover its initial properties after having been impacted by an outside event, for companies it means maintaining or returning quickly to a normal state of operation. In my role as business risk manager, a significant part of my job was to help departments implement actions to prevent the occurrence of risks and develop recovery actions after the realization of a risk.

The concept of resilience can also be used on ourselves. Resilience helps us when we face hrash moments in life. It helps us get back on track and get up again. we can see the difference in resilience between people when we see two people experiencing the same events and one makes a force out of them and bounces back and the other languishes and can not recover.

Cultivate resilience, through our ability to know ourselves.

Often it isn’t a big event that makes everything shake, but the phenomenon of “the straw that breaks the camel”. In the professional world, this translates into the ability to cope with day-to-day stress and take a step back from real-life situations. The more we can step back and have another perspective on the events we are experiencing, the more we stay onboard and can make better decisions.

My intention for your employees is to provide tools they can apply immediately in their daily lives, to take a step back from the situations experienced in their workplace, refocus and avoid the event too much.

Duration: Cycle of 6 meetings during 2 hours on the workplace

Used tools: art therapy activity, writing, meditation, breathing exercise. Possibility to include individual Thetahealing sessions

Needs: a room, quiet with drink (still water)

Maximum 5 participants per group

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