Who is in Control?

Who controls your life?
Society, your family, you ?

It took me some time to realise that I wasn’t in control of my life, although I was a complete control freak. I planned everything. I ordered, separated professional life from personal. I gave myself an illusion of security, but actually I wasn’t in control at all.

99% of our decision-making process comes from our subconscious mind, 1% from our conscious mind. For example when we enter the movie theater and we are choosing the best seat, our subconscious mind has already chosen the place when we entered the room, before we are aware of it. The subconscious mind is like a huge database were all our past experiences, informations, memories and patterns are stored, basically everything we have learned since our birth (even before…).

Everytime I’m somewhere or with someone and someting catches my attention or triggers me, my subconscious mind looks up how I have dealt in the past with a similar situation and decides which actions or decisions have to be taken.

Thus, we react to our environment with what we have learned throughout our entire life, the patterns and belief systems we built up ourselves, we got from our family or from society. The function of our subconscious mind  is to keep us alive and uses the patterns which have “worked” before to do its job. It isn’t either good or bad. It only does its job.

Our subconscious mind is stronger than our conscious mind, because we haven’t a direct access to it.

That explains why, sometimes, when we make a decision to change path or try out something new, putting us out of our habits or confort zone, subconscious patterns will block us. For example, if my plan is to become self-employed, but my family caries the belief system that it is safer to be employee and get a fixed wage, I might have the capacities to be successful entrepreneur but my subconscious will put in place mechanisms to stop me from pursuing my projects, like fears etc.

Finding this out some years ago, scattered my whole reality. I asked myself: am I really in control of my life? Are the decisions I have been making until now reflecting my true nature?

In 2017, I came across the Human Design System, which is a map of ourselves, showing our biggest assets, how we are meant to interact with our environment. The Human Design System states that we are conditioned by our environment. People around us influence us with their way of functioning and beliefs which drive us away from ourselves. We are all unique and we have to “unlearn” everything we have learned to find ourselves back. Human Design taught me how I should make decisions to live out my uniqueness.

In 2019, I came across ThetaHealing®, which is a meditation technique helping to find our limiting belief systems and change them.

Both techniques helped me take new steps towards myself and feel more intune with life and take healthy decisions.

Are you ready to step into your own power and to let go what doesn’t serve you anymore?

Nobody said it would be easy. Change is challenging, some days I want to smash everything away. Nonetheless, pursuing this journey towards myself, brought and increased a sense of inner peace in my life, which is priceless.

With Joy,