December’s 2022 Inspirations: n°24 – Your Energy

Your energy is THE essential thing in your life.

Without energy, you cannot live.
Without energy, you cannot carry out your daily activities.
Without energy, you don’t know how to support those around you.

We scatter our energy left and right, saying: “Come on, just a little more effort, I can still do this.

When your batteries are empty, it’s over.
When you are on the verge of exhaustion, think of the image of the oxygen mask on the plane:
You put it on before you help others.

Today, I invite you to take care of your energy to ensure that your batteries are always full.

I wish you an energetic holiday season in which you conserve your energy.


I know how my energy feels and how it manifests.

I know the difference between having energy and lacking energy.

I allow myself to rest when I lack energy.