A year ago, I was embarking on a new journey. I didn’t know where it would take me. A sabbatical leave around the world. The first 3 months were planned with Bangkok as a starting point, then Laos, Cambodia and Bali. And in my head a lot of other destinations: Mexico, Peru, California, Canada, etc…

The most important lesson on this trip was the recognition that I no longer needed to travel. It just fell onto me, one day.

I made my first solo trip 10 years earlier to Burkina Faso in 2008. For the next 10 years I travelled to many different countries for work or privately. I was quenching a thirst to discover the world that was actually driven by a thirst to meet and discover myself. And here I am one fine day in Asia saying to myself: “I don’t need to travel anymore”.

I came back with the certainty that wherever I go, wherever I live, I will always be the same person. Inner peace and happiness are not linked to a place but only to oneself. A year later it is still not easy to put the right words on this feeling. It is an evidence inside me, a fact, which does not need words. Besides, every time people who haven’t seen me since beginning of 2019, ask me which beautiful countries I plan to visit, I ask myself: “Why are they asking me this question? “I have forgotten all the beautiful destinations I had planned.

I came back in April 2019 and since then I haven’t travelled anymore. I started a whole new adventure: the creation of OM JOIE. A journey to another horizon.

With Joy,