Good Mood Playlist

Tip of the Day: The Power of Music

I’m surrounded by music all day long. To motivate myself and boost my mood, I created a list of songs on spotify that put me in a good vibrations. I spent a morning doing it. I went through all my favorite songs and selected only those with positive lyrics and catchy melody.

Because the lyrics and the sounds of the songs we listen to influence us. If we listen to Radiohead’s Creep all day long (whose lyrics are I’m a creep, I’m weird, what the fuck am I doing here), it’s not going to help us keep our spirits up. Every moment has its appropriate songs, so in difficult times let’s try to listen to a cheerful and catchy tune.

Now with ipods, itunes, spotify and so on, it’s easy to create music lists and they also offer ready-made lists, which I readapt to make sure there’s nothing but positive stuff. Otherwise, you can also use the time to sort through your old CDs and records…
Another idea to stretch your legs, to take line dancing lessons!

To pass the time, every evening at 8 pm Luxembourg artists present songs, music, books and readings via the initiative LIVE aus der STUFF on Facebook.

Alone at home no need to be afraid, you can dance and sing at the top of your voice, nobody will see or hear you 😉

Stay fit and at home