Human Design Family Pack – New Offer

What if there was an instruction manual for knowing yourself?
What if there was an instruction manual for knowing your children?

Human Design is called the science of differentiation and shows how you can live an aligned life with your true nature by following your personal decision-making process and your type.

There are 4 Types of persons in Human Design (Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors). Each Type has its own way of interacting with life, people and the environment.

By knowing your Type you will be more intuned with life. By knowing the Type of your children, you will know how o interact correctly with them and permit them to live out their true Nature.

Have you the feeling that your child/one of your children is acting differently than you?

Maybe he is another Type or has another decision-making process than you.

From my experience, I can see how Human Design can change the parents-children relationship only by understanding which type everyone is and which decision-making process everyone has.

Ready to start a new relationship with your children?

Human Design Family Pack (online)
The offer includes :

  • 1 parent discovery session for €188:
    • The parent will receive a full 60-90min Human Design discovery session, where he/she will understand their own Design, what Type they are, their personal decision-making process and how they interact with life and their environment.
  • Analysis for children:
    • For children (0-14 years) at 98€ per child. The analysis includes Type, Authority, and Strategy of the children. This session will also be presented to the parent.
    • For teens (15-19 years) at 143€ per teen. The analysis includes Type, Authority, and Strategy of the teen. The session will be done directly with the teens.
  • PowerPoint documentation presented
  • Zoom recording
  • Full session: 120min-180min on zoom (depending on the number of children)

Interested? Contact me for a free 30-minute call to see how we can work together: or +352 621 826 680.

With love and light,
Marilène ✨

First International Human Design School certified Living Your Design Guide in Luxemburg