I am home

One year ago, I was on my way home from Bali.

I had spent the beginning of the year in Asia, participating to retreats, visiting friends, visiting countries which had called me for a very long time.

One day during the trip, looking at the sun, I realised “I don’t have to travel anymore”. In that moment I felt the very same feelings when I look up at the sun from my home, gratitude, joy, amazement, looking at the wonders of nature.

I left Bali with the certainty that there was nowhere to go anymore, but home and at the same time, everywhere I would go from now on I would take home always with me.

Funny enough, 1 year later, here I am confined at home. The feeling hasn’t changed. I am home. Not home in my 4 walls, but home inside of me, in this small space, which I can call now peace. Whatever happens, this space will always be at peace.

With love,