I look at my past achievements

When last year I was setting up a business and recovering from an injury, my only contact with the outside world for 2 months was via social networks. After 3 weeks alone, I experienced a big wave of depression.

Everybody seemed to have projects, to move forward, to have great ideas and I felt like a wreck.

To get out of it, I created a big poster noting on it everything I had already achieved in my life that I was proud of. I put it in front of my bed and every morning when I got up I would see it.

I had already gotten out of trouble a few times before, so there was no reason for me to remain there this time.

I invite you to take 20 minutes today, no less, and to write down xour achievements that you are proud of and to plunge back into the joy that you felt when you succeded.You will see that your mood will change.

With Joy