I organise my living space

Tip of the day: I organise my living space

🏠 When we go out and come back home 5 days a week, we don’t really realize how our living space is organised, if we feel good in it.

😻 When I started teleworking last year, after being there 24 hours a day, I realized that some aspects of my home were no longer to my liking, it was overdecorated or no longer to my liking.

🎍I redecorated some places to render them more inspiring. I need order to think. I’ve cleaned up the space. What was very important was to dedicate a place for teleworking. Every night I tidy this place up. Otherwise, it is very difficult for me to disconnect.

💻So if you are teleworking at home, make sure you dedicate a place where you do it and keep this place tidy. If you are working on a laptop a good idea is to store it in a place that is not visible once the working day is over.

📦You can also take advantage of this period of confinement to sort through your stuff, what’s still useful to you and what you can give away. Maybe even change the layout of your furniture, you will feel like you are in a new home 😉.

Take care of yourself