I surround myself with good energy

Tip of the day: I surround myself with good energy.

If we have to stay locked down at home, we might as well create a nice atmosphere.

We are lucky (for the Luxembourgers who read me 🙂 ) that the weather is nice. So let’s open the curtains and let this light in, light has the power to purify and invigorate an interior.

We can create a cosy place in the house, for example a reading corner, with blankets, cushions, candles and plants. Why not create a corner just under the sun rays coming in through the window.

At the beginning of the week we saw the power of music to put us in a good mood, so why not play inspiring, joyful music all day long.

For those who have a bathtub, there’s nothing like a nice warm bath to relax.

In short, it’s the weekend, you take care of yourself and make yourself feel good at home, in a nice place.

A few weeks ago I rediscovered essential oils. Since then I have been using them daily and I have discovered their beneficial effect on my mood. I don’t believe in coïncidences, I got my first delivery at the beginning of the confinement and since then I use them daily. I use the Young Living brand and their combination of oils ready to use gives another vibration to my home.

Here are a few tips of the most common essential oils that can help you during confinement:

Lavender: use for soothing, sleeping and bathing.
Lemon: good mood and immune boosting
Sage: purification of the home
Peppermint: refreshing and headache relief
Eucalypthus Radiated: to clear the respiratory tract
Tea tree: my favourite, anti-bacterial, which I use with my toothpaste.

Essential oils should be used with care.

Take care of yourself,

With Joy,