It is Time to Put Yourself First

We were used to living in a world full of certainties and control.
Now uncertainty has hit all of us. There is no visibility of what the future will bring.

Yet our mind tries to make sense of all of this. It is our mind’s function to keep us safe and to keep control. It is not possible at the moment; we don’t have all the information and no reference point.
The situation is completely new.
The current events are out of our control.

When everything around is unpredictable, we have to take action on what is in our control.

For the moment this is our physical and our mental health.

For our physical health, we can boost our immune system by
🌠 drinking enough water
🌠 eating healthy
🌠 exercising

For our mental health, we can put our focus on
🌠 what we have instead of what we lack
🌠 our capacities to handle the situation
🌠 our creativity

Even if you are limited in your range of action, focus your mind by
🌠 taking care of your body
🌠 meditating
🌠 arranging a cosy place in your home, where you feel safe
🌠 writing down every day what you are grateful for
🌠 starting this project you always dreamed about

It is a conscious act to keep your head above the water. It isn’t easy, because the situation is all around us. When you are sucked in, come back and concentrate again on what is under your control, and for the moment that is what is in you and not outside of you:

🌠 Your Words
🌠 Your Thoughts
🌠 Your Decisions
🌠 Your Attitude

Here is a visualisation exercise you can do to build confidence when your monkey mind comes back, you feel pressure or anxiety :

🙋‍♀️ On a list write down every achievement you are proud of
🧘‍♀️ Close your eyes, breathe in and out, recall the feelings you had while achieving your goals
🧠 Memorise these feelings, you can call them up every time to replace doubt


Every Friday I will go live at 12 pm CET on my Instagram account to give tips and hints on how to handle these uncertain times.

I am here for YOU. Drop me a DM and let’s get through this!

With love,