Let life surprise you

Are you afraid of the unknown?

I used to blame myself, people, society every time I experienced a loss or an unpredictable change until I came across the Buddhist concept of impermanence.

We and the world are always in evolution and impermanent.
Things and people come and go.
You have good days, and you have bad days.

The discomfort appears when we want to hold on to what gives us security, to what we know. Every time this known changes, we suffer.

I understood that actually what we perceive as reality, stability or security is an illusion. We can never foresee the next steps. The times we are living in now are the perfect example of this.

My first benefit of embracing this concept was to release tension towards life. By stopping to hold on stability and security, I gave room for life to surprise me and new ideas finding their way to me.

The second benefit was to release my judgmental mind. I believed that change was something negative. Whereas, every situation has negative and positive aspects. The only way forward is to remain in the middle and letting go of this dualistic viewpoint.

Embrace the unknown means welcoming every situation as it is, letting life surprise you.

It means remaining in the now, open towards life.

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With love,