Life is a playground

One year ago, I got the administrative authorisation to become a self-employed life coach. I had done my training and certifications and naively thought to have completed the most significant part of the set-up.

What an illusion! I now understand that my journey only began one year ago. A year filled with

💪 achievements
😱 doubts
🤩 surprises
🤣 laughter
😥 tears
😵 ups and downs

I am a life and meditation coach. I created my offers because I know that the tools I use will bring value and help to my clients.

At the same time, the self-employment journey is the greatest gift and challenge I gave to myself.
I outgrew myself. I had to find the value hidden inside of me. I cultivated self-confidence and repeated every day the affirmations:
Yes, I can do this!
Yes, I can manage my business!
Yes, I have the skills!

I was my very first client!
I embark my clients on a journey to meet themselves, and I met myself.

I discovered trust and faith buried insight of me.
I unleashed the creativity and the courage to get up after a failure. Lockdown was, for sure a good training. In one night, all events and appointments have been cancelled. I had again to change my plans.
I learned self-respect, let go the should do’s and have to’s and follow my guts.

One year full of challenges and learnings.
One year where I discovered that life is a playground.

Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. Success doesn’t mean avoiding every failure. Success means getting up after every crash and still follow our heart’s calling.

We all have inside of us the strengths and power to reach whatever we want. If we remain true to ourselves, life surprises us.

Follow your heart
Follow your dreams

With love 🧡

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