My Story

A permanent process of questioning and transformation

Transformation is part of my nature. I don’t know how often I’ve changed direction, school or job. Not very surprisingly, according to my Human Design (with my 6/2 profile and the mutation channel, 60-3, which defines my type, strategy and authority), change and transformation are part of my genes.

These changes have always been motivated throughout my life by seeking the truth about our existence on earth and the mystery of life.

My background

Curious by nature (Channel of curiosity 11-56 to complete the Human Design picture), I have always had my nose in the books, love studying, and am a great dreamer. For a long time, I had my head on the moon and not often grounded on earth, having difficulty understanding my sensitivity, emotionality and melancholy.

My thirst for study, learning and analysis led me to study economics, and I got my first job in finance. Even though my rational and analytical side was satisfied, I felt unfulfilled. I felt useless because what I did daily didn’t seem to have a deep meaning for me. Since then, I have regularly changed jobs, telling myself I would eventually find “the right one”. I worked in development aid, energy transition, and social work, but despite all these changes, the dissatisfaction persisted.

In 2010, I discovered yoga and meditation. I had reconnected to the spiritual and metaphysical universe I had felt since childhood.

My journey towards personal development began. I read and learned much through workshops, training, retreats, etc. No matter how much I practised what I learned, it didn’t stop me from feeling a lack of joy when I started a new day.

Meeting my authenticity

During a significant instability in my personal and professional life in 2016, I spontaneously started writing down my feelings and experiences on paper. I could describe what I was experiencing and unmask my unconscious patterns and belief systems.

The first layers of my unhappiness began to peel away. It all clicked when, in December 2017, I discovered Human Design. I discovered that my chart could describe the frustration I felt in myself with alarming accuracy. At last, I understood!

As someone who likes to analyse, conceptualise and structure, starting to let go and navigate through life knowing that the answers to my questions will not come from my mind but from my body was a journey of initiation and deep transformation and still is. I discovered that everything I needed to understand was already inside me and that the important thing for me was to do something that satisfied me. And to find these things, I had to surrender to life and trust my body to know the answers.

Then ThetaHealing® crossed my path and helped me dig even deeper into myself. I began to detach myself from my mind-built’ me’ and remembered more and more my true nature. I found confidence in myself and a deep trust in life again.

Everything is already there, ready to be brought to light!

The birth of OM JOIE

O M is the sound of the universe, as the Buddhists say. It invites us to return to the here and now and see what is within and around us.

J O I E stands for Journey into Outer and Inner Experiences (JOIE meaning joy in French). Through my training, research and personal experiences, I have understood that our outer world (environment, relationships) and the inner world (mind and being) are deeply intertwined and connected. In other words: we are the “co-creator of our reality” and the events we encounter.

What I offer you

I accompany you on a journey of change through the methods that have helped me regain satisfaction and confidence in life: Human Design, ThetaHealing®, meditation and intuitive writing. My ability to find the right words to stimulate mutation and understanding will help you remember the strengths and qualities within you.

I do not promise you will achieve wonders or make any selling pitch. These are not my strengths. From my experience, I know that life is full of surprises and has plans for us that our minds cannot imagine. You are a unique being with a unique path, which we will discover together.

I offer to accompany you on your journey through my experience, my knowledge, my ability to mutate, my capacity to bring order into ideas, my objectivity and my empathetic listening. Through your journey, it will be you who will discover your authenticity.

I offer individual coaching, seminars and advanced training. I welcome you in French, Luxembourgish, German and English.

I look forward to accompanying you,

In joy and gratitude,

Marilène Oberlin
(18 April 2023)
+352 621 826 680


Certified Theta ThetaHealing® Instructor
Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner
First Certified IHDS Living Your Design Guide In Luxembourg
Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Life Story Coach
Certified Therapeutic Art Coach
Training in Human Design (LYD, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, LYDG)
Training in project management and results-based management
Master’s degree in development, environment and societies

Ethical framework

As a coach, I commit myself to the following:

  • Keep my client’s identity  confidential and work in confidentiality
  • Specify with the client the nature of the work and what the client is entitled to expect.
  • Take into account my professional limits and stick to my skills.
  • To continue to work on me and to train me.
  • To not use the relationship with the client for my benefit or advantage.
  • Respect the client’s right to terminate the relationship at any time.
  • Be aware of the relational scenarios between client and coach (transfer and counter-transfer).
  • Treat the work of my clients’ other therapists and support staff with respect.
  • Work in full respect of my client and his beliefs (cultural, social, religious beliefs…).
  • Be free of judgment and welcome my client with kindness

The framework of the coaching sessions

One coaching session lasts between 60min and 75min and costs 98€ online and 107€ in person. Beyond that, each half-hour start costs an additional 25€.

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise, it will be due.