My journey to date

Curious by nature, I wondered how and why we were on earth and what my role and place were as far back as I can remember.

This question has been with me for a very long time.

I studied economics and got my first job in Finance. I was deeply dissatisfied; I felt useless. Since then, I have regularly changed jobs and told myself that I would eventually “find the one”. Despite the changes, dissatisfaction remained.

In 2010, I discovered Yoga, meditation, and Buddhism. I had reconnected to the spiritual and metaphysical universe that I felt as a child.

My journey in personal development began. I read and learned a lot through workshops, training, retreats of all kinds, etc. No matter how much I was putting into practice what I learned, it didn’t stop me from feeling a lack of joy when I started a new day.

I am meeting my true self.

During significant instability in my personal and professional life, I spontaneously began to write down my emotions and experiences on paper. I managed to put words to what I was going through and unveil my unconscious patterns and belief systems as I went along.

For years, I had been looking for THE miracle solution, for someone to tell me what was wrong.

As I was digging, I touched my creativity. I discovered that everything I needed to understand was inside of me. By unravelling my experience yarn by yarn, joy and inner peace entered my life, accompanied by a new understanding.

We art the creators of our life with an enormous potential that only needs to be unleashed.

Creation of OM JOIE

O M is the sound of the universe, according to Buddhists. It invites us to come back to the here and now and see what is in us and around us.

J O I E is the acronym for Journey into Outer and Inner Experiences. Through my training, research, and personal experiences, I have understood that our outer world (our environment, our relationships) and our inner world (our state of mind and being) are deeply intertwined and connected. In other words, we are the “co-creator of our reality” and the events we encounter. Therefore, we must first understand who we are and how we “function” to change our external environment.

My offering to you

I intend to accompany my clients in discovering and liberating limiting patterns to meet themselves and the dreams that keep them alive. Through a range of methods, such as  Meditation, ThetaHealing®, Human Design and intuitive writing, I support them in discovering their talents and helping them become the creators of their lives and live out their full potential.

With Joy,
Marilène Oberlin
+352 621 826 680

I welcome you in French, Luxembourgish, English and German.


Certified Theta ThetaHealing® Instructor
Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner
First Certified IHDS Living Your Design Guide In Luxembourg
Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Life Story Coach
Certified Therapeutic Art Coach
Training in Human Design (LYD, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, LYDG)
Training in project management and results-based management
Master’s degree in development, environment and societies

Ethical framework

As a coach, I commit myself to:

  • Keep my client’s identity  confidential and work in confidentiality
  • Specify with the client the nature of the work and what the client is entitled to expect.
  • Take into account my professional limits and stick to my skills.
  • To continue to work on me and to train me.
  • To not use the relationship with the client for my benefit or advantage.
  • Respect the client’s right to terminate the relationship at any time.
  • Be aware of the relational scenarios between client and coach (transfer and counter-transfer).
  • Treat with respect the work of my clients’ other therapists and support staff.
  • Work in full respect of my client and his beliefs (cultural, social, religious beliefs…).
  • Be free of judgment and welcome my client with kindness

The framework of the coaching sessions

One coaching session lasts between 60min and 75min and costs 98€ online and 107€ in-person. Beyond that, each half-hour start costs an additional 25€.

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise, it will be due.