One year…

One year…

Today, one year ago, I resigned from my job, embarking for a new adventure I knew very little of. I followed the calling for change, my body was pushing me to step out of the known. The only thing I knew one year ago, was that I would travel beginning of the year 2 months in Asia, spending time with myself. April onwards, nothing was planned.

One year later, I look back with gratitude on a year full of adventure, full of changes :
– creating my own activity
– going back to school
– facing my fears
– embracing the unknown
– building up my self-confidence
– getting beyond my boundaries

And above all following my heart and trusting life. This didn’t come without tension and doubts. Actually today was again a day with ups and downs, one minute being super confident and the following asking myself: “what have you done?!”

When I look back I see a year full of laughter and tears. Joyful jumps in the air and painful falls with either broken hearts or bones. There were times sitting around not knowing how to move on, where to go and what to do next.

Eventually life always pushed me up, new things entered into my life: an information came, new persons, phone calls… and I was on track again.

I am so grateful for this year, it showed me to believe in myself, that everything is possible, I met amazing people, i have visited amazing places. It showed me that despite the negativity surrounding us there IS beauty in this world if only we are willing to open our eyes.

I have also learned to reach out for help. I have currently people supporting me which I didn’t know 1 year ago. It made me also realise the amazing time we are living in, there are no boundaries anymore, I count in my network people from around the world, with whom I am in constant contact thanks to the new technologies we have.

I am grateful for this year and I feel that it is only the start.

2020 will be amazing. There are still 13 days until 2020, let’s see what life has planned for the final countdown.

With love,