Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it.
Antoine de St-Exupéry

We often hear people tell us that we need to have perspectives, to see life from another angle or perspective.

These expressions took on a completely different meaning when I understood that having new perspectives means to be open to all the possibilities that exist around us at every moment. It’s not forcing ourselves to look for meanings of what we’re experiencing, or to actively look for another possibility.

It is to know that at every moment we have a multitude of possibilities open to us. However, we are very often entangled, locked up in our modes of functioning and habits that make us take automatic choices that we repeat tirelessly without realizing it.

You have certainly already had the experience of being in your car and to tell you today I am taking a different path. Then lost in your thoughts, you catch yourself taking the same path you usually take.

This is why to be open to other perspectives, we must first let go of our automatisms to let other things happen to us. Be open to the many choices that can happen. Because with every decision we make, with every step we take, new possibilities are waiting on our path.

How many times after a new event arises, we are already projecting ourselves into the future and creating scenarios at all costs. We limit our field of possibilities.

Enabling the future begins at every moment:

  • Instead of projecting ourselves, welcoming
  • Taking a different route than usual to get from A to B
  • Changing shops, supermarkets or lunch places

These small changes are already opening the doors for new things to enter into our lifes.

At any moment anything can happen and anything can change. The unknown is not dangerous. It is also full of opportunities. We are trained to see the worst everywhere, to be afraid of the future, a future that must be foreseen and controlled.

So let’s stay open to allow the future to surprise us.

With Joy,