My last weeks were filled with one main question: “What can I do to support?”

This question is not new to me; throughout my life, I have asked myself this question several times, leading me, for example, to leave the world of finance, to engage in development aid 14 years ago, or in 2019, to launch my meditation and life coaching business.

This time, it has a completely different dimension. If before, the question was only about me and the meaning of my life; it now includes the people around me.

Great questions are in the air, at the individual, societal and planetary levels. Even if we are not aware of it, it impacts us on an energetic level. Hence my question: “Where is my responsibility as an individual, as a citizen, as a Healer?

My first responsibility as an individual lies in the fact that I have to make sure that I am well because from this comes my energy and the fact that I can accompany the people around me as well as possible. This responsibility goes hand in hand with the awareness that I am responsible for my own well-being, both physical and mental. My well-being is in my hands.

I take care of my diet, whether it is nutritional or emotional. In my Human Design training, we learnt that we are responsible for the emotions we propagate in the collective field. Because everything is energy, and what I send out is returned to me. If I want to live in a joyful and supportive environment, it is up to me to focus on these feelings.

I am responsible for my emotions. Of course, I have days with low energy. However, I have a choice; either I mope for 1 hour or 5 days, or I roll up my sleeves, ask for help if I need it and move on. Because that is the message of this time, to move forward, to embrace our responsibilities. We are all sovereign. Every step we take in our lives is a result of our choices.

This goes hand in hand with our responsibility as citizens and as a society. The more we know that we have a choice, the more we will take responsibility and make decisions from our hearts and not against our will. This will have an impact on the energy level around us.

That is why I take responsibility for my well-being, health, and emotions to help in the best way possible.

The question of how is still open. For the moment, the best thing I can do is to open up spaces of peace and sharing. This is why I am launching the initiative “Sparks of Light”. Live 30-minute online meditations to send waves of healing and light to us and the planet.

I wish you a beautiful, gentle and restful summer and above all, take care of yourself.
With love 🧡