We are so hard on ourselves.
We are full of
😞 Self-judgment
😞 Regrets
😞 Resentment on ourselves

The truth is, we are full of
😃 Abilities
😃 Skills
😃 Strength

Layers and layers of self-talk hide them away. But they are there, buried, and the funny fact is that you are using them every day in your life. Your strength, qualities, and values make you who you are.

People around you appreciate you for those.
You are valued for all the qualities you bring with you.

Difficult to recognise your qualities and skills?
Need a confidence boost?

Try this out:
👉 Take a piece of paper and draw two columns.
👉 In the first column write down, everything you have achieved in your life, it might be professional or personal projects, your family, your education, anything which comes into your mind
👉 In the second column, write down all the qualities and skills you brought in to achieve these projects
👉 Keep this list always with you when you feel down

Difficult to come up with something? Add this :
👉 Put your hand on your heart
👉 Deeply breath in and out, a few times
👉 Connect to your Heart and Soul
👉 Give the command: “Show me which skills helped me to achieve my goals.”

Still finding it hard to come up with something?
👉 Ask your friends, partner, colleagues, or family for what they value you.
You will see that you will receive the most loving answer there is and qualities you never thought of!

Let me tell you
🍀 You are an amazing person
🍀 You have gifts to share
🍀 You have an impact

🧡 You are allowed to recognise yourself and love yourself. You have your place in this world.

With love 💕