Hi Marilene, I wanted to share with you that I really enjoyed the Thetahealing session with you. I have the feeling that I learned a lot about my patterns in one session and also, I find that this kind of therapy suits you well, I was very comfortable with you 🙂 Thank you and have a beautiful day.

Coming out of the Thetahealing session, I felt like « seeing the world with new eyes. » I felt well after the session. I hope to keep this positive vibe for a while longer despite going back to work.

I came to Marilène by recommendation. She is very patient, explains very well and is persistent when it comes to getting to the root of the problem and you can’t find the root yourself. Each time I was amazed again how she always gives new impulses and where the journey then led. At the end of the conversations I was easily delighted by the unexpected turns, happy about the « work » done, and deeply relaxed.
Thank you dear Marilène for these wonderful experiences.