“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ” – Carl Jung

You want to make peace with your past and start a new story?
Are there any areas in your life where you feel stuck?
Your professional career is not turning out as you hoped?
Are you having recurring troubles in your relationships?
Do you regularly experience the same situations?

You are ready for change?
ThetaHealing® can help you!

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation and energy healing technique. It renders changes in your life possible by removing limiting beliefs that prevent you from accessing your creative potential.

How does it work?

During the meditation technique of the method, we enter a state called “theta” which allows us to connect ourselves to the Universal Energy. Theta brain waves oscillate very slowly. These are the waves of our brain when we are in a state of deep meditation.

The purpose of the method is to be able to eliminate the beliefs that are embedded in our subconscious mind. Our behaviours are dictated only by 5% of our conscious mind and 95% by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious contains all the learning, beliefs and patterns that we have absorbed since childhood. Until the age of 7, a child’s brain waves are in theta state. This is why children are so receptive and absorb the information around them like a sponge. This implies that they also absorb limiting beliefs and patterns from their environment. Throughout our lives, these patterns and beliefs become subconscious programs that continue to influence us at an unconscious level. We are all carriers of projects or dreams that we wish to realize. If at the unconscious level we carry limiting beliefs, we can make as much effort as we can, the realization of our projects will not succeed.

Today, ancient spiritual teachings, meditation and recent scientific advances in quantum physics, epigenetics and cell biology explain how the method works.

ThetaHealing® session

The session lasts between 1h and 1h30. We will start with a discussion to understand the situation or issue you want to free. Then, we will use the ThetaHealing® technique to discover the root beliefs that hinder you, free them and replace them. The sessions are held either online or in a yoga centre in Luxembourg City.

The cost of the session is 98€.

Contact me to arrange an appointment:

    I will get back to you to set up the first meeting. Please verify your spam or junk folder if you haven’t got any reply or contact me on +352 621 826 680,

    Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours before the session, remain due.

    Certifying Thetahealing® Training Courses

    I am a Thetahealing® Instructor, certified by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, offering the following courses, which will allow you to become a Thetahealing® Practitioner:

    Basic DNA 1+2
    Advanced DNA
    Dig Deeper
    You and the creator
    You and your inner circle
    Manifestation and Abundance
    Rainbow Children

    You will find the next dates in the Next Events section.

    Any questions? Please feel free to contact me: , +352 621 826 680

    Legal information

    Thetahealer® certified by the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.  Training done with Rita Jakob.

    ThetaHealing® is used to activate self-healing powers and does not replace a doctor’s diagnosis or treatment.

    ThetaHealing® is a registered trademark of Vianna Stibal and registered by THInK at

    Profile including all the training courses carried out on the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge website.