What goes around, comes around

❓Do you feel the question mark ❓

Every morning I do my body exercises, sit down in silence and meditate on my purpose and vision. Since last week though, every time I sat down, there was a question mark.

🌊 Last week we experienced heavy rain and floods in my country. Near my home, people have been hit very hard, losing everything. Thank creator, I looked at the right moment out of the window and saw the water coming. I could rescue my stuff in time.

The day after the floods, I sat down in silence to do my morning practice, and the big question mark appeared :

❓Where am I heading to?
❓ What do I want to create in my life?

There was nothing left anymore.
My visions became void and meaningless.
I even started to question all my achievements and looking for the purpose behind all my actions.

I was a bit shocked. I usually go back to my BIG WHY to get strength and confidence when I’m starting to doubt myself and don’t go as expected.
This BIG WHY was suddenly gone.
Like if the water had flushed away my plans and visions.

It isn’t that I hadn’t noticed the big question mark.
Many people I accompany come with their question marks, which have intensified over the last few weeks.
The time quality we are living is also bringing its set of question marks. We can see them everywhere in all layers of our society.

❓ Where are we heading as a collective, as a society ❓

Slowly slowly, these question marks go down to the individual (or maybe is it the other way around❓)
❓ Where am I heading to as an individual ❓
❓ Where is my soul purpose leading to❓

I sat with this, lost, not knowing how to move on. As usual, I continued to lead my daily life, but without that wind pushing me forward, knowing where I was heading to.

One morning, I sat there in front of a blank page in my notebook and suddenly, the understanding came: Every day is a blank page to be filled in!

I have the feeling that another layer of attachment has left me. I knew this expression, but was I embodying it? I was always heading towards something; now, there is nowhere to run to.

Every day is a new opportunity to start from scratch.

❓ Then came the second understanding and question. If everything can be started from scratch, over and over again, every single day, what do I want to attract in my life❓
Is it money, material wealth, recognition, appraisal….❓❓

I realised that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is how I feel.

❓ Do I feel at peace❓
❓ Have I done things that satisfied me ❓

❓ When I am looking back on the things I have accomplished, am I feeling proud of what I did❓

Therein lies the meaning of life. It doesn’t matter what you created in the form but what you have created in terms of emotions.
You may have reached all your goals, but if you don’t feel proud, at peace, all these successes will feel void.

How are you feeling at the end of every single day? Your emotional state restarts day after day.

We are living in a universe of resonance; what goes around comes around. What I send out in terms of emotions will come back to me.

☀️ Every day is a new chance to start from scratch. Now, every morning, I choose to visualise not a specific goal in the form but an emotion that I want to feel at the end of the day and the end of my life:
Being at peace with myself and proud of what I did.
The universe will bring me all the ingredients on the material plane to reach this goal.

With love 💕