What Human Design has done for me

Thanks to Human Design, I’ve understood what it means to be me.

Everywhere I went, I heard: be yourself, follow your heart. I didn’t understand these words long because I always felt like I was me. Above all, I felt different from everyone else. And that made me feel bad.

Human design is the science of differentiation and says every being is unique. I discovered that all the things I judged myself for were, in fact, often strengths that I had the right to experience. Thanks to this recognition, I learned acceptance, understanding and letting go because there was no longer any need to look for another version of myself; I am as I am.

The other thing that Human Design has given me is curiosity about other people. When clients ask me to prepare their Human Design discovery session, it starts with their chart. In front of this chart, there’s no more judgement, only understanding and curiosity because, through your Human Design chart, I can’t see your gender, the colour of your skin or your profession.

Everyone is on the same page. Only your chart speaks for you. Every design is unique, and my curiosity lies in finding your unique beauty and showing it to you.

If you want to dive deeper into this knowledge, I invite you to join one of my free online information evenings on human design and the introductory courses I’ll be offering in French and German this autumn.

Link to my French agenda: https://omjoie.lu/prochains-ateliers/

Link to my German agenda: https://omjoie.lu/agenda/?lang=de

There you will find the info on my next events and classes.

Take care of yourself and let your uniqueness shine.
With gratitude,