What is your soul’s aspiration?


This question I have been asking myself these last few weeks.

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ was full of new challenges and I was in the midst of launching my coaching activity when the world situation changed. I was full of ideas and was looking for ways to reach people because I knew that I could offer some rest and comfort to those who needed it.

After one year, these questions came back to me:

🌟 What is my big why?

🌟 Which dreams are living inside of me?

🧐 Every time these questions come up, I enter into a deep process of reflection, asking myself what is my place in the world, how can I be of value and how can I serve.

You will tell me, these are a lot of questions. Yes and that’s why it has been quiet for some time in here 😅

💡 What I understood this time though, is that these questions don’t put my world upside down anymore. Life is a constant path of evolution. At one moment I was afraid to look into myself because I was anxious to notice that I was going in the wrong direction.

Now with the experience, I know that there isn’t a wrong direction or a path entirely written down beforehand I have to find and follow. My path is filled with learning experiences.

🌟 The more I experience, the more I learn

🌟 The more I learn, the more I know what is good for me

🤯 It is my mind judging between right or wrong.

🤓 The past year, I noticed that all the competencies I have acquired in jobs I didn’t like that much, could be useful for me now as a coach. There is always a positive outcome in everything and everything helps you to build up your dream.

🔎 The most important is to keep the focus on your dream, even when you take that side road.

You have created your life so far, there is nothing that can hold you back to start to build up your dream. Everything which has been done can also be undone. It is never too late.

Everything is a series of small decisions and every day you can take one of these decisions. If a decision seems too big to take, you can break it down into smaller ones.

❓ What is the next decision you will take to follow your soul’s aspiration?

With love 🧡