Words Carry Power 

Have you listened to the words that you use daily?

For human beings, words are the first form of creativity. We can create only by speaking and sharing ideas.

🗣️ If you tell yourself daily: “I’m ugly, I won’t make it, I am weak”, these words will become your reality.

🗣️ If instead, you tell yourself: “I can do it, I am beautiful, I am strong”, you will change your reality.

Can you sense the difference in energy around your words? Let’s try it.

Close your eyes

🗣️Say out loud: “I am weak” and feel in your body what is going on.
🗣️Now, say out loud: “I am strong” and feel in your body what is going on.

Can you feel the difference? Words carry their unique energy.

👉If you want to bring change in your life, start paying attention to the words you use. If you don’t like some of them, change them. You can create a new habit.

Every time I tell myself: “Damn, I’m stupid”, I immediately say: “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, I’m smart”.

I change the words to create the reality that I want.

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Looking forward to making 2021 happen,
With joy 🧡
Confidence Coach
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