You are the Queen / King of Your Life

👉 We leave our decision-making power to others, and sometimes we aren’t even aware of it.

👶 During childhood, we learn to fit in. We learn the necessary requirements to evolve in society. Very seldom, we got encouraged to take decisions on our own. Eventually, we follow a path, which had already been laid down for us until we feel the discrepancy between our core desires and how our life looks like.

🏵️ Perhaps you wanted to sail the world, write stories, bake cookies and have ended up in a job which completely the opposite. But these childhood dreams and desires are still deeply buried inside of you. They want to be recognised and lived. You won’t be able to bury them any longer.

👑 We have forgotten that we are the Queens and Kings of our life. That we are allowed to reign on our kingdom and to determine what this kingdom is made of.

⚜️ We are allowed to follow our dreams.
⚜️ We have the right to create the best life for ourselves.

👑 This starts by taking back our decision-making power, deciding what is right for us or not. Letting go of all the doubts and fears which are holding us back.

👑 In the end, this life is all we have; we should make the best out of it.

Do you feel
⚜️ That enough is enough?
⚜️ That you want to create a life meeting your expectations?
⚜️ That you want to get rid of the drama in your life?

👑 I can help you to get rid of what is holding you back: fears, emotional blockages, guilt and HOW to get closer to these dreams.
✨ Thetahealing is an energetic healing technic with which we get rid of blockages. Contact me to book your session.

👑 I have helped clients to bring in new perspectives into their life, and I can help you too.

What are you waiting for? 🤩🤩

With love 🧡

Confidence & Meditation Coach